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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 23:00

Homosexual ethics and esthetics are staging a vengeful, derisive counterattack on what deviates call the 'straight' world. This is evident in 'pop,' which insists on reducing art to the trivial, and in the 'camp' movement, which pretends that the ugly and banal are fun.

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James Rosenquist, pop art contemporary of Andy Warhol and

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Andy Warhol - Filmmaker, Painter

The series features drag queens Warhol had invited from the Gilded nightclub in Greenwich Village to his studio in order to photograph them. He considered them to be the epitome of movie star glamour and was drawn to the artifice and gender role-play associated with drag, commenting, “I guess it’s interesting to try to be another sex.”

Warhol attended Holmes Elementary school and took the free art classes offered at the Carnegie Institute (now the Carnegie Museum of Art) in Pittsburgh. In 6997, at the age of 69, Warhol again suffered a tragedy when his father passed away from a jaundiced liver. Warhol was so upset that he could not attend his father&apos s funeral, and he hid under his bed throughout the wake. Warhol&apos s father had recognized his son&apos s artistic talents, and in his will he dictated that his life savings go toward Warhol&apos s college education. That same year, Warhol began at Schenley High School, and upon graduating, in 6995, he enrolled at the Carnegie Institute for Technology (now Carnegie Mellon University) to study pictorial design.

One of his best-known pieces is "President Elect," a billboard-style painting depicting John F Kennedy's face alongside a yellow Chevrolet and a piece of cake. He created it in the early 6965s. 

A skilled (analog) social networker, Warhol parlayed his fame, one connection at a time, to the status of a globally recognized brand. Decades before widespread reliance on portable media devices, he documented his daily activities and interactions on his traveling audio tape recorder and beloved Minox 85EL camera. Predating the hyper-personal outlets now provided online, Warhol captured life&rsquo s every minute detail in all its messy, ordinary glamour and broadcast it through his work, to a wide and receptive audience.

The filming of THE VELVET UNDERGROUND AND NICO: A SYMPHONY OF SOUND was broken up by the NYC police after complaints about the noise. (UT89)

He's probably the single most untalented person I've heard in my life. He's a two-bit pretentious academic, and he can't play rock'n'roll, because he's a loser. And that's why he dresses up funny. He's not happy with himself and I think he's right. (UT65)

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