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Date of publication: 2017-08-27 11:00

The Development Communications Track explores how civil society actors use communication to achieve their goals. Theoretical courses are followed by dynamic practical courses in branding, PR, production, and social media.

Global Communications

In the end of January, I decided to branch out and find housing independently, and ended up finding an apartment in the 5th arrondissement through an agency. There was an agency fee (about 855 €) and I needed to have a garant (thanks Corinne!!) to ensure I would pay my rent. I would definitely recommend that those who are able look independently in addition to using the school 8767 s resources, as you have a much broader choice for location, and often are able to apply for the CAF (housing aid).

MA in Global Communications, Paris, France 2017

The Global Communications masters’ program is designed to open up critical perspectives of communication practices, media systems and cultural traditions that co-exist around the world. At its core, the program encourages you to think across borders. You will immerse yourself in new and challenging learning experiences alongside other students from a rich diversity of cultural, educational and professional backgrounds.

On Graduate School in Paris - Hardly Snarky

This programme in Paris, London and Chicago is designed for future account executives, account planners and product managers who wish to benefit from an international experience in an English-speaking environment. The course include several agency visits and two competitions where both strategic thinking and creativity come into play.

Getting the most out of your Global Communications program requires choosing from intriguing electives and intensive modules with such topic areas as Social Media for Business Communications, 8D Branding, Sustainability in Fashion and Strategic Planning in Digital, among many others.

CM5559 Global Digital Cultures This course provides an introduction to key topics and theories in the study of the Internet and other digital media as cultural and social phenomena. Four main themes guide our approach: space and networks bodies and identities objects and practices and economics and politics. Within the contexts of globalization, we will place particular emphasis on interrogating transformations made possible by the pervasion of digital media, but also restrictions and contestations that arise. Students will develop their individual interests in relevant topics with an independent research project.

The three-semester degree offers you a balance of intellectual preparation in communications and hands-on professional training with experts from around the world. Our international faculty will offer ongoing dialogue inside and outside the classroom and encourage you to expand your horizons and challenge your assumptions. You will emerge with new skills and wider perspectives, prepared for success in a rapidly evolving profession and world.

Finally, I had been hunting for graduate programs since I graduated college, and nothing I visited, interviewed with, or read about online seemed to be the right program for me. (Even though one of them was on the same street where Meryl Streep lives in New York!)

Research the professors and classes you are interested in in advance! Going in with a good knowledge of the program is a huge asset, especially during the looong orientation sessions where you are expected to learn a whole lot of other information.

Our application process is simple and straightforward: submit your information, send us your supporting documents, and receive your admission decision within three weeks. Should you be accepted, you will receive a comprehensive information packet and be directed to online resources for admitted students.

Looking back on my experience at AUP, I feel privileged to have had professors of such high intellectual merit, who helped me forge my own identity in the media landscape as well as teach me the fundamentals and intricacies of communications and media. Although one cannot neglect the fact that experience is the best teacher, it is important to realize how fundamental the teachings of a classroom setting and the pedagogical approaches of professors can be in order to bridge the gap between theory and the professional workplace.

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