MetaG: a graph-based metagenomic gene analysis for big DNA

Date of publication: 2017-08-31 19:44

Origin provides various tools for linear, polynomial and nonlinear curve and surface fitting. Fitting routines use state-of-the-art algorithms. The sections below provide a summary of key features.

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Use Origin's Interpolation Gadget to perform interpolation and extrapolation on one or more data plots in a graph. You can interactively select the data range using a region-of-interest (ROI) control. Interpolation methods include linear, spline and Akima spline.

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This example shows using Python within Origin to open a dialog, fetch data from a web page, and place the data in an Origin worksheet. The included PyOrigin module gives you access to Origin objects from your Python code.

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The two main tools that make up data analysis are lines and tables. For example, you might create a line graph with a linear regression equation.
A high-leverage outlier. The point has moved the graph more because it is outside the range.

BioFuels Atlas is an interactive map for comparing biomass feedstocks and biofuels by location. This tool helps users select from and apply biomass data layers to a map, as well as query and download biofuels and feedstock data. The state function summarizes state energy use and infrastructure for traditional and bioenergy power, fuels, and resources. The tool also calculates the biofuels potential for a given area. BioFuels Atlas was developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory with funding from the DOE Biomass Program.

Press the Z or X keys and scroll the mouse wheel to quickly and interactively and pan data in graph layers. Press Ctrl+R to rescale graph axes to show all data.

The Mathematica Link tool provides access to the Mathematica kernel from within Origin, for Mathematica installed to the same computer. The tool allows exchange of data, and to evaluate Mathematica expressions.

The MATLAB Console tool in Origin lets you connect with the MATLAB workspace to transfer data between the two applications. Transfer selected variables from MATLAB to Origin to create your final publication-quality graphs.

Two statistics gadgets are applied to this graph to report statistics in two regions of interest (ROI). Mean and 6st SD lines and corresponding values are are displayed in each ROI. The Y axis is moved to separate the two regions. Yellow ROI boxes are hidden so that they do not show in printouts. The "S" button on upper-right corner re-displays the ROI boxes when clicked.

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