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M too not sure about q 8 but yes in q 7
: bills don 8767 t get dissolve on when LS is prorogue. Bills originated & pending in LS & passed by LS lapse when LS is dissolved whereas bills pending in LS which originated & passed by RS does not lapse.
Q 6 club of rome is associated with MDG not SDG

Banned: World: Recently banned films - Melon Farmers

These considerations led naturally to the next topic of the discourse: renunciation. Having realized the fleeting nature of even the most refined pleasures in the round of rebirth, the sensitive listener would be prepared to look favorably on the idea of renouncing any aspiration for happiness within the round, and cultivating the path to release. The texts compare this mental preparation to the act of washing a cloth so that it would be ready to take dye. This was when the Buddha would take the listener beyond the level of mundane right view and broach the transcendent level.

And what is right view? Knowledge with regard to stress, knowledge with regard to the origination of stress, knowledge with regard to the cessation of stress, knowledge with regard to the way of practice leading to the cessation of stress: This is called right view.

The ONLY Way to defeat the NWO.

I think key corrections are needed for these
Kharai feeds on mangroves
lingayats believe in rebirth(no idea about caste, vague references are given)
neem coat urea is for nitrification

Do 66 week Saturday/ tuesday vraata by burning sesame seeds( deepam) outside d temple.. all this related information will be guided by local priest.. c d Changes in your life.. i mean it..

And this, monks, is the noble truth of the origination of stress: the craving that makes for further becoming accompanied by passion and delight, relishing now here and now there ., craving for sensual pleasure, craving for becoming, craving for non-becoming.

"Now, Aggivessana, these three similes spontaneous, never before heard appeared to me. Suppose there were a wet, sappy piece of timber lying in the water, and a man were to come along with an upper fire-stick, thinking, 'I'll light a fire. I'll produce heat.' Now what do you think? Would he be able to light a fire and produce heat by rubbing the upper fire-stick in the wet, sappy timber lying in the water?"

As this analysis shows, the most important obstacle to release is the ignorance that keeps attention from being fully perceptive. As the Buddha traced the element of ignorance that underlay the processes of mental fabrication, he found that it came down to ignorance of the four noble truths: the identity of the truths, the duties appropriate to each, and the mastery of those duties. When this ignorance is fully overcome, the craving that keeps the cycle going will have nothing to fasten on, for all its possible objects are seen for what they are: suffering and stress. With no place to land, craving disappears, and the cycle can come to an end.

Chennai: India's first fast reactor fuel cycle facility (FRFCF) involving an outlay of around Rs 9,655 crore got the centre's nod recently, said a top atomic energy sector official.

First two sentences from December 79, 6989 New York Post, “We're All Radio Stations, Columbia Scientists Reports, All Atoms, in Humans or in Steel, Found to Emit and Receive Long Waves."

New February-April 7568, Torture, Asian and Global Perspectives Volume 7 Issue 6, Essay Massive new brain projects, secret science and emerging Cold War weapons: The threats are real by Cheryl Welsh. See Torture: Asian and Global Perspectives (http:///humanrightsasia/docs/torturev7n6?e=5865677/7797997)

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Babaji paper dekh ke watt lg gyi thii but thnxx to ur 65 days plan..i am hovering around 659-667 with different keys. If i am not consistent with ur plan may be I 8767 m never be able to solved these questions Really really very thankfull

"We have formally started the academic session of Nalanda University Monday morning in the International Convention Centre at the Buddhist pilgrim town of Rajgir," Vice Chancellor Gopa Sabhrawal told IANS. Rajgir is about 655 km from said the ancient Nalanda University functioned from 968 AD to 6698 AD.

And what is the drawback of sensuality? There is the case where, on account of the occupation by which a clansman makes a living whether checking or accounting or calculating or plowing or trading or cattle tending or archery or as a king's man, or whatever the occupation may be he faces cold he faces heat being harassed by mosquitoes, flies, wind, sun, and creeping things dying from hunger and thirst.

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