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Can you imagine being featured in a Harvard business case study, and we made that happen. There was a case study that I actually got to go. For someone who 8767 s a college dropout, I actually got to go lecture at Harvard for a day and present my case to four different classes.

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But, what 8767 s exciting about that is very shortly we are going to go back out to the team, back out to franchise partners, out to employees here, and say okay, what 8767 s next, what can we imagine. We had big things on the old board.

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Her emotional style did not go down well for a news programme, so she was transferred to an ailing daytime chat programme. After Oprah had taken over, the daily chat show took off, and this later led to her own programme The Oprah Winfrey Show.

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Awesome. We want to know that we are inspecting what we expect. That 8767 s one of our systems. Did we deliver the coffee? Did we deliver the plant? And checking in with customers is an important way to inspect what you expect. That is a system of sorts. And it 8767 s no different than other businesses that have done an incredible job of systematizing their business.

MS: Some of the most moving parts of the special were when you talked about your own childhood - for example being one of only two black children in a school of 7,555 kids, and having to straddle the line between those two worlds. How did your own personal experience as a child connect to your motivation for founding this school?

Brian : That when something goes wrong in a business, you 8767 re probably missing some system. So like the day when I got rid of 66 people, I didn 8767 t have the right recruiting systems, the selection systems, the training systems, the operating systems. There were a lot of things that were missing.

Brian : It made sense when we at a level where we had a bunch of franchise partners who were established who wanted something else. We ended up awarding 75 franchises right out of the gates to existing 6-855-GOT-JUNK franchise partners to You Move Me franchise partners.

Brian : YouMoveMe has massive trucks. They 8767 re pretty cool vehicles. If someone wants to go to , you 8767 ll see them right on the web site. They 8767 re eye catchers, for sure. wow, one day. Each, they have [bands], these big [sprinter bands]. Yeah you will see the vehicles around. Hopefully more and more as we build the brand #7 and brand #8 to be household names. So, thank you.

It was an incredibly trying time, but I learned that day and changed a Post- It in our head office, the Junction, right at the front parking center, for everyone to see that it 8767 s all about people. This business is all about people: finding the right people and treating them right. You 8767 ve got to spend time with your people, care about them, understand what motivates them and show them how they fit into the vision. And I didn 8767 t do a good job of that in the beginning because I didn 8767 t know how to do it. And it 8767 s been perpetual learning for me.

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