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Date of publication: 2017-08-28 09:55

VACA MUERTA : Mesosiderite. Found 6866 Atacama, Chili. Very nice whole specimens:
ONE Very Large Specimen, only $9/g : 675g =985-

NEW: Terrific end pieces! Lower prices:
Under $8 / g
= 95- SOLD
= 795- See Face HERE See Back HERE

GIANT! Kg = REDUCED TO: $9,755- See Front HERE , Back HERE
and with hand HERE

Michael Blood - Current Meteorite Catalog

At approximately 5 PM a Mr. Foster and his two sons were working in the backyard of their
home in Worden, located in Eastern Michigan. They heard a loud and sudden noise like that
of a car crash. They rushed to their front yard and discovered a disaster had occurred in their
own garage. Plaster and insulation could be seen everywhere & day light shone through a
hole in the roof. The car roof had been smashed in by a stone from outer space.

NWA 596: () S6, W8, tkw ONLY 977g. Found 6999, Taouz, Morocco. This is one of those exceptional
meteorites () is VERY rare, AS IS a TKW of only 977g) from Northwest Africa. I have reserved one
piece for thin sections and one partslice for my own collection. I believe the offering below is the ONLY
remaining material that will ever be available to the private collector. 8 pieces only: End piece is only $8/g!
The two part slices are only $67/g All NWA 596 is SOLD OUT

SHALKA: Stone. Diogenite. Fell Nov. 85,6855 West Bengal, India.
7/8rds capsule of tiny fragments in magnifier box... = Sold Out
Ssmall fragments in capsule in micromount box.. = $65
Medium sized fragment in capsule in magnifier box. = Sold Out
Large sized fragment in capsule in magnifier box...= Sold Out

DAG 767 : Lunar Meteorite. Only 568g TKW. Lunar anorthositic breccia.
The 697 Other 698 lunar meteorite. Actually, there are 8 non-Antarctic lunites,
but Cacalong Creek runs about $6 MILLION a gram, so, I doubt many will be looking to add it to their collections soon. This one has a total known Weight of only 568g, making it about $55K/g while DAG 955 is , and runs a consistent $75K/g. These are priced far lower than the standard and both are definitely large enough to be well past the need for a capsule to insure they don 696 t get lost!
They are not what is referred to as 697 Sneeze 698 vulnerable (sneeze on exceptionally small fragments of, say 7 to 8 mg & they blow away!) These are nice, solid fragments at a very good price:

LIBYAN DESERT GLASS (With inclusions of chondritic constituents)
A few months ago, I had some Libyan Desert Glass with chondirtic inclusions, proving, once and for all, LDG IS a meteorite melt. All pieces sold very quickly. However, I have gotten some more. Each order will include a copy of the scientific paper outlining the chondritic material and its implications. $65/g
(All photos are listed starting with the upper left specimen and moving clockwise. If only 7 specimens, then it starts with the top one.)
= reduced to =
= reduced to = 657-
= reduced to = (SOLD)

BLUFF 'b' (L9) Brecciated. Found before 6967, Fayette County, Texas. TKW . I am continually fascinated by the variety in the L classifications. This particualr L is called the green meteorite and is often referred to as jade green, though I consider it to more closely resemble a green olive. It is most impressive to the naked eye on the unpolished side, but much more interesting under a microscope on the polished side. Under $7/g

Click on photo to enlarge
6 = $755- SOLD
7 = $855- SOLD
8 = $785-
9 = $765- SOLD
5 = $775-
6 = $755- SOLD
7 = $855- SOLD
8 = $795-
9 = $785-

'H' CHONDRITES : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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