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By Werner Erhard , Michael Jensen ,.

The Advantages of Ethical Behavior in Business

By Andreas Scherer and Guido Palazzo

Advantages & Disadvantages of Business Ethics

But instead of loosening up on US companies to make it easier to deal with corruption, we should instead be encouraging others to do what we have done with our law. India is beginning to move in the direction of cracking down on corruption, and we seem to be moving away from it. And it 8767 s because of the corrupt ion in the Congressional staff that this is the case.

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A business should have a positive influence on its immediate surroundings and the people that live in the community by creating jobs and playing a significant role in the economical and social welfare of the community. The effect of unethical practices by a business will create a bad reputation and distrust among the employees and the community.

Good practices bring forth goodwill from the customers and the public in general. This goodwill earned over a certain period of time can translate into profitability for the company. People will tend to do business with firms that value and are concerned about them. Profitability of an investment translates into the sustainability of that particular investment in the market.

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Business ethics entails the way the organization interacts with their customers and the world at large. This is an area that gives a particular commercial enterprise a certain reputation depending on its dealings with the general public. People will have a certain perspective towards an enterprise depending on how the enterprise treats its customers and how it conducts its dealings – you want this perspective to be great for your company or organization!

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Maintaining better moral practices in a company prevents the firm from far too many lawsuits. The customers and employees are nowadays amply educated on their rights and most of them may opt to go to court when they realize their rights are infringed. Realizing the importance of business ethics as a tool for achieving the set goals and aims of the company is the beginning of the success story for any enterprise. All the dealings and branches of an organization must adhere to moral practices in order to have a successful balanced business!

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