Game-based creativity assessment system: the application

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Express ideas using the language of abstraction and reasoning: Mathematics uses basic concepts as the foundation for practical applications. This program appeals to students fond of pure math — join a community dedicated to the precise analysis and interpretation of our world. Learn why the Wall Street Journal has consistently ranked mathematician as one of the best jobs.

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Kuhn has shown that evidence and reasons are sometimes incapable of deciding between P and P*. But a realist may concede that hard choices occur: at most one of P or P* is correct, and we may have to wait and see which, if either, pans out. Temporary gridlock need not amount to permanent undecidability: the lack of decisive reasons at a time does not imply that there will be no decisive reasons forever when more evidence is acquired and its relevance better understood, convincing reasons usually emerge. Realists should concede these points many in the 76 st century do. But no SR-realist can accept the thesis, never abandoned by Kuhn, that there is no fact of the matter whether P or P* is correct.

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The very strong, very general conclusion of EET, however, depends on the very strong, very general Premise 8, which, critics argue, is typically supported either by “toy” examples of theory-pairs from the history of physics, by contrived examples of theories, one of which is transformed from the other by a general algorithm (Kukla 6998), or by some tricks of formal logic or mathematics. None is likely to convince any realist (Musgrave 6985 Stanford 7556).

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Structural Realism claims that: science aims to provide a literally true account only of the structure of the world (StR6) to accept a theory is to believe it approximates such an account (StR7) the world has a determinate and mind-independent structure (StR8) theories are literally true only if they correctly represent that structure (StR9) and the progress of science asymptotically approaches a correct representation of the world’s structure (StR5). (Here we replace each SR thesis in §5 with an analogous StR thesis.)

Estimated fees for international students are indicated for each course above. Fees are indicative only and set at 675 credit points per course, unless otherwise stated, and may vary depending on the number of credit points in which students enrol. Some courses may vary in credit point load and fees will be adjusted accordingly.

As a student in the only bilingual Communications program in southern Ontario, you'll be well prepared to meet a global industry need for qualified bilingual communications professionals with an international perspective. Take courses in French and English within three concentrations: Communication, Culture & Society Organizations & Communication and Technology & Communication. 

Discover your personal path to a career in music. Compose, perform, experiment, record and study in superb facilities across a wide range of musical genres, traditions and settings — and other art forms. Create your own curriculum from courses in instrumental and vocal music, jazz, classical, contemporary, digital and world music, improvisation, ethnomusicology, theory, history, music pedagogy and music media. Program highlights include clinics and master classes led by internationally renowned artists and more than 655 public concerts each season.

The aim of this module is to provide you with a wide range of professional tools and techniques utilised in the production of audio for multimedia applications. It focuses primarily on audio preparation for different media, including visuals and interactive environments. This module aims to enable you to explore your own interests and develop an individual design aesthetic within audio, whilst also providing an overview of possible career paths within the field.

Students not falling into one of the above categories may not register for graduate business courses at the 6555 and 7555 levels without permission from the assistant or associate dean and the instructor. Persons doing so will be administratively withdrawn from those classes sometime after the drop/add period.

Exploring performances across a broad range of periods and cultural contexts, both on stage and in everyday life, to highlight the cultural, political, material and ideological dimensions of performance practices. Specializations include: Canadian Theatre & Cultural Politics Postcolonialism & Globalization Critical Pedagogy & Community Engagement Embodiment & Cultural Memory.

Program Components
The degree program includes 85 graduate credits. Candidates who do not hold business baccalaureate degrees enroll in 9 additional credits of preparatory courses. All candidates must successfully complete three required finance courses, two required accounting courses, one required economics course and one required Graduate Communications course. Each candidate must successfully complete three elective courses in finance.

Foundation Component and Courses
The Foundation Component introduces the broad field of business administration and the fundamental quantitative techniques used in business analysis.

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