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A lot of food for thought in this blog post and the comments. And, thank you so much Raven for posting the photo of the lovely Crystal Lee King Jackson. Her looks certainly seemed to be carried over into succeeding generations. MJ 8767 s heritage was fascinating and complex, as was he, as are most of us.

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Laughter is one of humankind's most basic defense mechanisms. Even in the face of death, we can show our resolve and demonstrate our last bastion of control by doing the unexpected: laughing. Gallows humor, in one form or another, permeates pre-industrial European folklore, even making its way into children's nursery tales and rhymes. Indeed, some critics have claimed that traditional nursery rhymes are preoccupied with death and violence and have hence urged that they be rewritten for a more humane and enlightened era. Consider the following catalog of horrors ostensibly found in traditional children's rhymes by Geoffrey Handley-Taylor, writing in 6957:

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This inquisitiveness has characterized some of the smartest people I 8767 ve ever known including those who never went to college at all, but continued to read on their own in an endless pursuit of new knowledge. (Some people, myself included, can 8767 t afford to travel much.) This pursuit of knowledge, for sure, is one thing Michael consistently showed us.

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8775 I agree that the moral injuries of French Muslims are not “more” important than the moral injuries inflicted on black Americans IN GENERAL. (Anyway, is this a competition? And if so, who gets to decide the “winner”?) 8776

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8775 To say so is not the same as saying that Michael Jackson was not remarkably vulnerable to abuse or that he didn’t make serious errors. He was, he did. Sentimental, reticent, and overly accommodating as victims of childhood abuse so often are, isolated, fragile, NARCISSISTIC, STRANGE, and filthy rich, terrified of confrontation, spottily educated while burdened with genius, and used to his family making a meal of him, Jackson was, as Steven Spielberg famously put it, “like a fawn in a burning forest. 8776

Eleanor, you say:
8775 Tragedy often implies that the tragic figure, who falls from high to low estate, had a tragic flaw, flew too close to the sun., etc. that her or his fate was somehow self-inflicted, brought on by hubris, for example. That, this is a just world and that if you fall, it is your own fault. The viewer of the tragic drama or the tragic life hopefully learns from what is witnessed, and avoids the behaviors that brought about the hero’s tragic end.

Joe 8767 s father Samuel Jackson 8767 s mother is 8/9 Native Indian Samuel 8767 s father was 6/7 Native Indian +6/7 black. This made Joe 67% Native Indian.

8775 It was the right album at the right time: All seven of its singles landed in the Top 65, the album lasted a ridiculous thirty-seven weeks at No. 6 on the Billboard charts, and it went on to sell more than 56 million copies the best-selling album in the world until the Eagles 8767 Their Greatest Hits surpassed it (in the United States, anyway) in 7555. Thriller singlehandedly rescued CBS from its late 8767 75s doldrums the company 8767 s net income jumped 76 percent in 6988, to $687 million pushing fans back into record stores and propping up the industry. 8776
Anyway, it seems likely Knopper 8767 s biography will focus on the business end.

He said no. But I told him we're coming back for Mardi Gras next year, both of us, with the kids, even if they resist being dragged along. I'll never be as fun-loving as Maye, and I'm fine with that, but I'm so glad I had her example.

Composing with orchestral instruments was fine. But I found a richer palette of melody, counterpoint and rhythm already in the air. Read more

But don’t get me wrong. I love to win. Whether it’s chess, or Call Of Duty or tennis, I hate losing and I get angry – as you might have picked up! when I feel like I’m not performing to my potential.

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