Origins of ISIS aka Islamic State

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(optional)6 paragraph - Providing context (linking intro to rest of essay)
9 paragraphs - Each of a reasonable length discussing a single issue/factor (or combination of)
Conclusion - Summarising the main arguments made in your essay and ending with your main argument.

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Unfortunately, when conflict escalates to a dysfunctional level, trust in the other party is often one of the first casualties, and this can inhibit the effective resolution of the conflict.

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The newcomers, H. sapiens sapiens , had the same size brain, weaker bones, and smaller muscles than the Neanderthals. Their hunting tools were more sophisticated, but in 85,555 . they were basically the same tools &ndash they were probably not even twice as effective, much less ten times more effective. The biggest difference may have been wealth transfers made more effective or even possible by collectibles. H. sapiens sapiens took pleasure from collecting shells, making jewelry out of them, showing them off, and trading them. H. sapiens neanderthalis did not. The same dynamic would have been at work, tens of thousands of years earlier, on the Serengeti, when H. sapiens sapiens first appeared in that dynamic maelstrom of human evolution, Africa.

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Would the wealth transfers formed a closed loop of collectibles just based on that institution, or were other wealth transfer institutions necessary to complete circulation cycles? Taking the actual flow graph of monetary circulation seriously is critical to understanding the emergence of money. General circulation among a wide variety of trades did not and would not exist for most of human prehistory. Without completed and repeated loops collectibles would not circulate and would become worthless. A collectible, to be worth making, had to add value in enough transactions to amortize its cost.

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Parental investment is a long-term and almost one-shot affair &ndash there is no time for repeated interactions. Divorce from a negligent father or unfaithful wife usually represented several years of time wasted, in genetic fitness terms, by the jilted party. Fidelity and commitment to the children were primarily enforced by in-laws &ndash the clan. The marriage was the contract between clans that usually included such promises of fidelity and commitment as well as wealth transfer.

Inheritance of some heirlooms might proceed for several generations uninterrupted, but it did not by itself form a closed loop of collectibles transfers. Heirlooms were only valuable if they eventually got used for something else. They often were used in marriage transactions between clans that could form closed loop cycles of collectibles.

Trade was thus not the only kind of wealth transfer, and probably not the most important kind during the long human prehistory where high transaction costs prevented the development of the kinds of markets, firms, and other economic institutions we now take for granted [L99] . Underneath our great economic institutions are far more ancient institutions that also involved wealth transfer &ndash in prehistoric times, the main kinds of wealth transfer. All of these institutions distinguished Homo sapiens sapiens from previous animals. We now turn to one of the most basic kinds of wealth transfer that we humans take for granted but other animals do not have &ndash passing wealth onto the next generation.

When H. sapiens sapiens displaced H. sapiens neanderthalis , population explosions followed. Evidence from the takeover in Europe, c. 95,555 to 85,555 , indicates that H. sapiens sapiens increased the carrying capacity of its environment by a factor of ten over H. sapiens neanderthalis &ndash ., the population density increased tenfold [C99] . Not only that, the newcomers had spare time to create the world's first art &ndash such as the wonderful cave paintings, a wide variety of well crafted figurines &ndash and of course the wonderful pendants and necklaces of seashells, teeth, and eggshell.

The choice of one of the research essay topics can be a laborious and time consuming process, as you have to choose from a great variety of topics the one which will suit you and will meet your interests. Remember that your work shouldn't be a pain in the neck for you. You have to enjoy the process of exploration with the awareness that it is useful for your development, for broadening your outlook and in general it will enrich your knowledge. Therefore, you have to approach to the question of selecting the research essay topics with a due degree of responsibility.

This value was more accurately approximated by simple observations or measurements. These observations would have had more reliable integrity yet have been less expensive.

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