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Add to all of that the online learning environment. Though, I have a tech background, I 8767 m not sure that I 8767 m crazy about online learning. First, I think that online degrees are BS. And on that note, a lot of the benefit to pursing a degree of any sort is the connections that you make and learning to relate to other people.

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Mary, it sounds like that tradeoff for you (company paying for a large part in exchange for your continued work) is awesome! And clearly you are a valued employee to them beyond just the degree too!

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Cara, those are great points and I 8767 m glad that you ARE using the knowledge you gained from your previous degrees! I 8767 m in the 8775 boy, it 8767 d be neat to be a Dr. Something someday 8776 camp too, but man, I just can 8767 t justify it in my head!

Later at another company, they only hired IT employees with college degrees. I wouldn 8767 t even be able to have the job I have now without a degree.

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One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to go directly from an undergraduate business degree to a master 8767 s degree program! There are two reasons for this:

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Those kids in that video are losers. Let me say this again, losers. Losers complain, successful people overcome all barriers, they fight through struggle, and they fail. But every time they fail, they get up, they continue fighting. What keeps fighting is their sole purpose in life, their vocation, their calling and their sense of meaning. All of you will be lost if you do not know your meaning in life. Discover yourself, find your strengths and do what you were born to do.

Excellent post, Joan! I completely agree with you on your point that 8775 higher education is a BUSINESS, designed to make a profit. 8776 Higher education is a machine and it 8767 s a profit-making machine whether the institution is private, public or non-profit.

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