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Date of publication: 2017-08-23 18:38

Sorry. With all the assessments I've had to do, it's been nearly impossible to be able to reply. I'll take a look at the sources you've provided when time allows. Thanks, and wish you the best.

What do We Know About Media Violence? | MediaSmarts

I'm not going to pretend that I know anything about psychology, as that would be a pretty big lie on my part. However, I do think that my opinion would be of some value to the discussion, even if it is quite miniscule.

On Media Violence

I also most certainly agree with the Anonymous poster on this thread, who stated that our history is extremely violent. Look at Vlad for example. Centuries later, his brutality is still notorious. While I also concede that you say that violence is not solely caused by violence in the media, violence is human nature. It may be a grim look at it, but for the vast majority of our history, we had no media. To be quite honest, I squirmed a little bit while watching a documentary of Vlad. It was horrific what he did, and there was no media back then.

The Influence Of Media Violence On The Youth Media Essay

If you see a violent video game player assault another person, it is difficult to know the direct cause of the assault. Was it playing violent video games for hours on end, or was it something else? Psychological processes are not as intuitive as biological processes to most people. People are probably more accepting of the idea that smoking causes lung cancer, for example, because it is much easier to grasp the idea that smoke going into the lungs damages cells and starts tumor growth.

While I do agree that children should not be playing violent video games (it's exactly the same reason why we shouldn't let them watch Game of Thrones to be quite honest) however, I do disagree with stating that violent video games is not a triviality with regards to violence. Yes, if a child views these acts, then they may be inclined to think that it is normal. A child will believe anything in saying that though. It is one of the greatest forms of innocence- I believed in Santa for quite some time. Generally speaking, a child cannot determine what is reality and what is fictional.

I do not wish to seem as extremely arrogant, but statistics mean nothing to me. The fact is I have seen far too many people try and use statistics to back up their arguments, only to find that there are extensive variables which they neglect to mention, or only show one sided points (thankfully you are of the opinion that there are many contributing factors which lead to violence, and not solely media influence is responsible).

At the very least, media violence influences our kids (and us, too) by modeling and glamorizing the use of deadly force as a first choice to solve conflict between characters.

Kansas State University professor John Murray [68] concluded in his research that “the most plausible interpretation of this pattern of correlations is that early preference for violent television programming and other media is one factor in the production of aggressive and antisocial behavior when the boy becomes a

On the other hand, researchers report that parental attitudes towards media violence can mitigate the impact it has on children. Huesmann and Bacharach conclude, “Family attitudes and social class are stronger determinants of attitudes toward aggression than is the amount of exposure to TV, which is nevertheless a significant but weaker predictor.”

See: Bushman, B. J., & Pollard-Sacks, D. (in press). Supreme Court decision on violent video games was based on the First Amendment, not scientific evidence. American Psychologist.

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