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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 23:54

“Beyond the great price, the exceptional teaching abilities of the faculty is the best aspect of Anoka-Ramsey, To have these professionals in the respective fields be so engaged is stupendous."

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Foundations in Personal Finance

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and is the smallest integer such that, no matter how each -element subset of an -element set is colored with colors, there exists an such that there is a subset of size , all of whose -element subsets are color . The usual Ramsey numbers are then equivalent to .

The Ramsey number gives the solution to the party problem , which asks the minimum number of guests that must be invited so that at least will know each other or at least will not know each other. In the language of graph theory , the Ramsey number is the minimum number of vertices such that all undirected simple graphs of order contain a clique of order or an independent set of order . Ramsey's theorem states that such a number exists for all and .

"What I appreciate the most about Anoka-Ramsey are the advisors, counselors, instructors and tutors, and especially the math tutors. They care about you as an individual, and are always willing to help."

"The instructors who teach in the Exercise Science program are the best. They make the learning experience fun and simple to understand, and they're always available to help, even if it is not directly related to the program."

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