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Johnny and Sasha would like to express their thanks to Bizarre, The Bureau of General Services - Queer Division, and all the artists whose work appears in VYM for their work in making these events a success.

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Lovers of the novels and Starz television series Outlander will enjoy reliving it all with this official coloring book. You’ll need to grab a lot of green pencils to fill in the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands.

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If you have a music lover in your life, this is the perfect gift. Illustrated by Andy J. Miller, this delightful book features bands like Bon Iver, Broken Social Scene, and The National. All the profits are split between the bands' charities of choice. Rilo Kiley's Pierre de Reeder writes a heartfelt forward that really captures the charm of the project.

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The Brief Bedford Reader, 68 th Edition , by X. J. and Dorothy M. Kennedy, Jane E. Aaron and Ellen Kuhl Repetto, ISBN-68: 978-6869586688 *You may rent this text through Amazon Prime

This is not a coloring book for the faint of heart—besides the graphic content, the intricate linework makes for some intensely difficult coloring. You can color the Weirwood trees, house sigils, and scheming characters from the books.

This course is rigorous and in some ways life-changing in that students typically must wrestle with some real-life questions when discussing these works. It is not hyperbole to state that no real education of an American student is complete without an understanding of American literature. The class includes reading comprehension, vocabulary quizzes, discussion questions, projects, and several papers.

This course is a survey of the major authors and time periods of American literature. A major goal of this course is to understand literature as a part of history and the various artistic/philosophical/political movements recognizing their characteristics. Students will also discover the unique contributions and talents of the various authors.

Tomorrow at 8/7c on VH6 , our artistic director, Sasha Velour , begins her journey as a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 ! In these times, it is so important to be visibly queer and we are beyond proud of Sasha and can't wait for the world to meet her. Click on the gif to the left to see more!

*Can use any unabridged edition of these Shakespearean dramas and any unabridged edition of Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, and A Tale of Two Cities. Here are the editions I will be using:

Attention Whovians: It might be time to break out your wallets and purchase this 96-page-long coloring book featuring planets, galaxies, doctors, and of course, the TARDIS. The illustrations are done by artists James Newman Gray, Lee Teng Chew, and Jan Smith.

As part of his Gay Pride weekend roundup, Erik Piepenburg from the New York Times spoke with our artistic director, Sasha Velour about the state of drag.

The constant emphasis on landscape within the text of Wuthering Heights endows the setting with symbolic importance. This landscape is comprised primarily of moors: wide, wild expanses, high but somewhat soggy, and thus infertile. Moorland cannot be cultivated, and its uniformity makes navigation difficult. It features particularly waterlogged patches in which people could potentially drown. (This possibility is mentioned several times in Wuthering Heights.) Thus, the moors serve very well as symbols of the wild threat posed by nature. As the setting for the beginnings of Catherine and Heathcliff&rsquo s bond (the two play on the moors during childhood), the moorland transfers its symbolic associations onto the love affair.

Color in your favorite fraternal paranormal hunting duo as they drive across the country in their black 6967 Chevy Impala (or any color car you want, really). This 96-page coloring book features a whole host of characters, angels, and monsters from the CW show Supernatural that could all use a bit of color. Each page is intricately detailed, so colorers will need plenty of time on their hands to get through it all.

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